Radiofrequency Applications

9 April 2015 - KBB

Radiofrequency Applications

Radiofrequency techniques are around for approximately 20 years. They have extremely appeared to give very promising results in the ear, nose and throat. High-frequency radio waves are converted into energy with the help of electrodes and that energy is sent directly to the tissues. Thus, the desired effect is achieved without any need for a surgical intervention on tissues. This technique, called radiofrequency applications is generally accepted as a revolutionary innovation in a sense.

In which cases radiofrequency procedures are used?

In case of nasal congestion is caused by inferior turbinate tissue swelling, radiofrequency applications can be used only under local anesthesia. It  helps the tissue to heat and shrink. It may also be a permanent solution for patients who experience snoring and sleep apnea problems. In some cases it might be engaged into surgery as a technical assistant.

When do you start feeling the effects of radiofrequency application?

Radiofrequency methods are the methods with the least complaint by patients. A slight swelling may occur in the region a few days after the application. However, this is not a noticeable size and disappears very quickly. The net result arises after the completion of approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

Are Radiofrequency effects permanent?

Radiofrequency aims to eliminate patients’ complaints without any surgical intervention. Tissue loss occurs in the region where the application is applied. Tissue shrinks down to a smaller size and texture. However, so-called hard fibrous tissue, permanent tissue occurs. In rare cases, some patients may need to repeat the application in order to contain a permanent solution. These patients are the ones who have allergy problems and suffer from the swelling of the Concha.

Is radiofrequency application painful?

Radiofrequency application does not causre any pain or ache. Application area will be fully anesthetized prior to application and it prevents patient feeling any pain. You will not feel any pain or ache even after the effect of anesthesia.

Reducing the nasal turbinates (Concha) with radiofrequency (RF inferior turbinate)

Lower turbinates (Concha) perform important tasks such as to  filter, to heat, to moisturize the air we breathe  and to secrete. In some cases (allergy, infection, congenital) they can be larger than the size they should be and can prevent us breath freely. If we cannot lower the size by using nasal sprays or certain drugs, it is possible to reduce it permanently with radiofrequency applications. This application is very simple and can be done  under local anesthesia in clinical conditions.  There will be no pain after and the desired effects take place within 1-2 weeks.

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View reviews from our patients
View reviews from our patients
Doctor Goksel is not only a surgeon; he's an artist. I'm so happy I researched a lot until I found about him. I used to enter Turkish forums and had to use Google Translate in order to translate from Turkish to Arabic and then I knew about the doctor. (Revision Rhinoplasty)

Khulud A.
I had a bad rhinoplasty surgery experience 2 years ago. Dr. Goksel fixed my collapsed nose with his experienced and skillful hands. My nose is very healthy and fits to my face perfectly. I thank him so much.

Özge Kıray Yiğit
2.5 years ago Mr. Abdulkadir Goksel performed sinusitis, deviation and cosmetic surgery all together on my nose. I was having a lot of difficulties due to my chronic sinusitis problem. I have no complaints right now. Thank you so much.

Seyma Sagiroglu
I sometimes say that I wish he was the one who performed my first surgery. I thank you so much Mr. Goksel, I love you, you are the reason of my beautiful nose.

Ecehan Bazlar
Respiratory infections and migraine complaints were the reasons I met Dr. Goksel. I breath well now and I have no migraine complaints. Thank you so much.

Tuğçe M.
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